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Helping you reach the level of excellence that is essential to the success of your business

Essential Excellence is here to serve you and your business with excellence by assisting you with your administrative and social media marketing needs. We specialize in helping clients create and maintain their business social media presence, enabling their businesses to stay on the cutting edge without sacrificing the time it takes to grow that business.

What exactly is a Social Media Assistant?
A social media assistant is someone who partners with you and your business to help you get the most value out of your social media marketing. From consultations, to profile setups, to daily and weekly maintenance and updating, your social media assistant can handle all your business' social media needs.

What is Virtual Assistance and how can it help you?
Utilizing virtual assistance enables you to obtain administrative help no matter where you are. When you work with a virtual assistant from Essential Excellence you will be given top notch administrative help from a highly qualified individual who works remotely via the internet to ensure your administrative needs are met.


Who might need a Social Media Assistant?

Small Business Owners
• Entrepreneurs
• Executives
• Real Estate Agents
• Professionals

…who experience any of the following...

  • Want to take advantage of the free social media marketing, but don't know where to to start
  • Can't figure out how social media could help their business
  • Don't have the time to update a Facebook fan page or Twitter account
  • Love what they do, but loathe the small details and mundane necessary tasks
  • Want to focus on marketing/networking and gaining new clients instead of being consumed with what seems like busy work
  • Need administrative help, but either can't afford or don't have enough work to hire a full or part time employee with all the extra costs involved
  • Need someone who can assist them long term on various projects without having to continuously re-train new hires
  • Don't have a stationary office, yet need to hire some help
  • Desire to have someone assist them with personal tasks, freeing more of their time for their business
  • Need someone to take care of and manage a specific area of their business that is lacking
  • Have a specific busy season and/or an inconsistent work load that doesn't work well with a traditional employee
  • Feel overwhelmed and need any kind of help!
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